Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Hilly Hundred Loop

The new Saturday loop, at the Indiana Hilly hundred, made the old rout look like all short hills. When I thought I conquered a hill I would find out I only had climbed one third of it. I had to walk my bike up a number of hills. Many of the hills were not too steep, they were just never ending – they went on and on. Some of the young racers would dash up these same hills with their little corn-cob cogs.

I found I dealt with the hills better after I had lunch so if I do it again next year, I'll eat a couple PowerBars before I start out in the morning. I'll probably use my mountain bike, with the granny gears, instead of my road bike.

The ride did not take too long since it was only 48 miles. I enjoyed the ride and the weather was perfect.

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The Waggoner Family said...

Hello Rob,

I like your blog. They are a lot of fun.

The bike ride looked exhausting! I
can't imagine riding 48 miles...and you said that was a short ride.

See you this weekend.