Sunday, November 26, 2006

Aaron Rides His Power Wheels

These pictures were taken exactly a year ago. I wanted to publish them on the web and, with my blog, I finally can. My sister Leslie and her son, Austin, gave this Power Wheels ATV to my son, Aaron. He really enjoys it and even took a tour on it today. The lead acid battery that comes with it had a lot of range a year ago. Now after another year of repeated use it has lost a lot of its range, per charge.

I checked the web and there are third party battery suppliers that sell Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for the Power Wheels that have more range than the Standard Fisher Price Lead Acid Battery. But these batteries don't plug into the standard Power Wheels battery connector and I don't want to mess with the wiring.

One third party supplier has a more desirable solution. They sell the standard Fisher Price 12-Volt 9.5-Amp Lead Acid replacement battery along with their own improved charger for a little more than the price of just the replacement battery. Their improved charger design has indicator lights that tell you when the battery is charging and when it is done charging. It also stops charging automatically once the battery is fully charged. These added features will help the Fisher Price replacement battery to have a longer life.

Here is the URL to the page on that offers the "Power Wheels 12-Volt 12 Amp. Hr. Sabre Type Battery& Charger Set" for our Power Wheels ATV.

I'm going to order it after I receive some more payments from my customers. Enjoy the November '05 pictures of Aaron riding his Power Wheels in the company of his sister, Jennifer, and his mother, Linda.

"Ooh! A guy with a car!"

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